BHT identifies meaningful trends and important supply and demand levels in the financial markets.  The main area of concentration are Legal Cannabis Equities, Medicinal Marijuana Equities, and S&P 500 Sector SPDR ETFs.


  • In financial markets, there are certain price levels that are more significant than others with regards to the amount of supply and demand that exists at them.

  • In financial markets, prices are always doing one of three things.  They are either going up, going down, or staying the same. 

  • BHT utilizes a process and methodology that has been developed over twenty years in order to identify these levels and price trends. 

  • BHT does not utilize many of the traditional Technical Analysis Techniques such as Gann Theory, Harmonic Patterns, or Elliot Waves.  

  • BHT questions and doubts the validity of many of these techniques and believes they are in the realm of Bigfoot and UFOs.  

  • BHT also offers insights, commentary, and research on Artificial Intelligence, Risk Management and Behavioral Psychology.