Personally I think Steven Spielberg should have retired after Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  It was an incredibly good movie and I think the opening scene is one of the greatest ever...although the ending scene when the Aliens come off their spaceship is pretty lame.  And obviously Jaws was unreal.  But come on...Jurassic Park was vastly overrated as was Saving Private Ryan and many of his other more recent films.

But now there is this:

(from MSN)  "Yes, unless Walt Disney pulls off a miracle overseas, Steven Spielberg’s The BFG will be that rarest of things: A Steven Spielberg box office bomb. The $140 million fantasy film, based on a Roald Dahl book, will earn around $22 million over the July 4th holiday. Which means, with the caveat that July 4th rarely falls on a Monday and that most big Independence Day releases don’t open on a Friday, that the film is looking at a domestic total of around $55-$65m. Maybe it’ll leg it and do more, but it’s counting on overseas figures to save it. The reason this stings isn’t because “Spielberg has lost his touch” or any such thing. But rather because, not only is The BFG a rare Spielberg flop, it is the first such film in a long time (if ever) that was intended primarily as a commercial venture."

Read that last sentence again.  "primarily as a commercial venture".  That means "just for money"  If Spielberg was here right now I would have one simple question for him.  That would be "Dude...WTF are you thinking???"