Mess with the Bull...


and you get the Horns...


A leading Spanish matador has died after being gored during a televised bullfight in eastern Spain.

Victor Barrio, 29, is the first Spanish bullfighter to die in the bullring since 1985. He was caught while trying to lure the beast using his cape in a manoeuvre known as “muletazo”.  However, the bull, who was already said to have been struggling, caught the matador on the side sending him tumbling to the ground.

Spectators watched in horror as the 83 stone bull, Lorenzo, rammed a horn through his chest at the event in Teruel in Aragon.


Well...I certainly don't feel too bad for this guy.  Bull Fighting is a sadistic barbaric activity that should be outlawed.

Here is some facts that many people don't realize.  First of all the Bull is drugged to slow it down.  Second, when the Bull comes out into the ring they run it around the outer circle until it is exhausted.  Third, then these guys come out on horses that are padded so the Bull cant hurt them and then they use spikes to cut a hole in the Bulls muscles so the Bull Fighter can stick their sword into the Bulls heart to kill it.  Basically the Bull has no chance so it's nice to see the underdog win.

So Senior messed with the Bull and got the horns.  Maybe this event will help get the ritualistic torture of Bull Fighting outlawed.