Much like how Brokerage Firms reiterate their 'buy' and 'sell' recommendations, today I want to reiterate what a Doosh-Bag Edward Snowden is.

Doosh Doosh Doosh Doosh!

You know...the self-righteous Doosh-Bag traitor who was shocked to find out that the CIA and the NSA actually spy on people? (Yeah...big surprise there Einstein. Maybe next time read the job description before applying.)

He was on CNN this morning, and the guy is just a Doosh.  He was saying how without encryption society will collapse.  WTF?  Did the Romans encrypt their cell phones?  How about George Washington?  Was his phone encrypted?  He was also saying how in our society we have a complete right to free speech.  WTF, Doosh-Bag?  You can't yell 'Fire!' in a movie theater, and you can't slander and defame people.  In our society no right is absolute.

Anyway apparently now he is working in the electronic music industry. If you want to make yourself very angry check this out: