Todays Jack-Ass is me...

I am todays Jack-Ass. Why? Because I sat through two and half hours of Batman verses Superman yesterday. That's 150 minutes of my life that I can never have back. If I ever meet Ben Affleck (Batman) I'm gonna smack him.

I don't even know how to describe it and which aspect sucked the most. The dialogue? The acting? The plot? The pathetic attempts at comic relief? Just all around terrible. Its right there with Gigli...another member of the list worst movies ever that Affleck was in.

The most enjoyable part of the entire experience was the laugh that me and my daughters had when at the end of the movie we got up and turned around and realized the theater was empty. We were literally the only people there!  When the movie started the theater was half full... We were the only people who actually stayed until the end.