Screw You Roger gotta give it to NFL Commissioner Roger Doosh-dell.  Both the NHL and NBA playoffs are underway but the sports head lines are once again full of Deflategate Headlines.  OK Roger.  You win.  The Pats lose their GOAT QB Tom Brady for a quarter of the season, and a first round draft pick despite the fact that Deflategate is a myth and nobody let any air out of any balls. can just continue to enjoy hating TB12 and the Pats if you like but if you are actually interested in the FACTS read this SCIENTIFIC ANALYSIS.

See what I mean?  Nobody let any air out of any balls.  The Pats balls were measured at the beginning of halftime and the Colts balls were measure at the end of halftime after they had 15 minutes to warm up. That explains the difference in air pressure. That's it. Period.  A 65 year old ball 'boy' did not deflate 11 balls in the minute he was in the bathroom.

And I read all of the Deflategate testimony.  Brady swore under oath five times that the balls were not deflated.  And he was explicitly told that he DID NOT need to turn his phone over.  As a matter a fact, Brady even offered the NFL access to his phone records.  When he was assured that they didn't need it, it was only then that he destroyed it. Why did he destroy it?  Cuz his wife is one of the most famous models in the world and I am sure there is personal info in there.  AND they have the ball boys phones so they can see all the messages from their side.  AND he turned over all his emails and texts, and then all sorts of rumors went around about how he and Giselle were getting divorced.

As a life long Patriots fan, the irrational hatred of them used to bother me.  But now I embrace and enjoy it.  For example, Mike Martz was the coach of the Saint Louis Rams back in 2002 when the Pats won their first Super bowl.  There was a story reported back then that the Pats taped the Saints walkthrough and stole their playbook.  The story was completely false and it was totally redacted my the media that put it out. But people continue to believe it.  About a year ago ESPN even issued the Patriots an apology because some of their dumbass reporters were still saying it was a true story.

Anyway Martz said he thinks the Patriots stole the playbook because he said that when the Saints were in the red zone the Pats knew all of their plays.  But here's the thing...the Saints were in the red zone exactly one time in that game and they scored a Touchdown!  I guess Coach Mertz forgot that inconvenient fact.   And how about all of these people that say the Pats were going into their locker rooms and stealing their playbooks.  WTF?  Then why didn't they lock the door?  Or have a video camera watching?  Or hire a security guard?  I just love the hate...   

Oh...BTW is you investigation into Peyton Mannings 'alleged' HGH use going?  You know...the guy who never denied receiving it in the mail and blamed it on his wife? You gonna spend $5 million pursuing that???