Here is how the Associated Press use to describe child-molesting fat-ass former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert-

On the eve of his elevation to Speaker, Hastert was described as "deeply conservative at heart" and a "hide-bound, rock-ribbed Illinois conservative" by the Associated Press.

The AP reported: "He is an evangelical Christian who opposes abortion and advocates lower taxes, a balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution and the death penalty. And he spearheaded the GOP's highly partisan fight against using sampling techniques to take the next census.

Such groups as the National Right to Life Committee, the Christian Coalition, the Chamber of Commerce and the National Rifle Association all gave his voting record perfect scores of 100. The American Conservative Union gave him an 88.

Meanwhile, the liberal Americans for Democratic Action, the American Civil Liberties Union and labor organizations such as the AFL-CIO and the Teamsters each gave Hastert zero points. The League of Conservation Voters rated him a 13."


Its funny how the most righteous people are always the biggest hypocrites. As you probably know by know "Denny" has some issues. In a pretty scary twist of fate, he isn't in trouble for molesting boys because the statute of limitations have expired. He is actually in trouble because he violated banking laws when he was using cash to pay off the victims who were blackmailing him. According to Business Insider:

"Hastert pleaded guilty last fall to violating banking laws in how he structured his cash withdrawals. Prosecutors said they would have considered abuse charges, but the statute of limitations for bringing such charges expired decades ago.

The court documents detail sexual abuse allegations involving at least four boys that took place at a motel or in the boys locker room at Yorkville High School, where Hastert taught and coached from 1965 until 1981. It describes a "Lazyboy" style chair where Hastert often sat in the locker room with a direct view of the stalls where the boys showered."


Pretty freaking gross... Its too bad that he wont be going to jail but he is so freaking fat he's probably gonna drop dead of a heart attack pretty soon anyway. I wonder what he is going to say to Jesus when he meets him in the next few months?