A Mountain of Molten Lust...

So in yet another sign that our civilization is collapsing, there is more news from the Sex Tape World.  Apparently the media considers Hulk Hogan's sex tape drama more important than things such ISIS, terrorist attacks, ruinous deficits, tuition that is putting college out of reach for most Americans and healthcare costs that can bankrupt hard working honest people who happen to have unfortunate accidents. The Hulk is headline news and I cant get away from it.

Personally I am really, really sick of this topic.  Forget hard work.  In our country it seems that the best way to untold wealth nowadays is through sex tapes.  Paris Hilton, Kim Whore-dashian and Erin Andrews. Tens of millions of dollars to three people who have the combined IQ of a wet blanket.  And now it's the Hulkster. 

Hulk is getting more than $100 million because Gawker put his tape on the Internet. I am glad that he won but is thing worth that absurd amount of money?  I could see a couple million, but this is out of control.  They say that 'good lawyers know the law, but great lawyers know the Judge'.  I'd be curious to see if the judge or any of the jury in this case are driving around in expensive new sports cars or living in new mansions because bribery is probably the most logical way to explain this outlandish settlement.

But here is the irony.  He and his attorney are way too greedy and they totally overplayed their hand.  This suit is going to put Gawker out of business and Hulk will end up not getting anything. I think Gawker should also have to pay any member the public who witnessed this story for the emotional distress it caused them.  I know I threw up in my mouth more than once while reading about it.  Personally I am going to try to repress any memory I have of this story, and try to remember the Hulk in better times.