Stick-um Gate

So where is the Deafening National Outcry?  Remember when GOAT Tom Brady (allegedly) had some air let out of the footballs?  Unless you were abducted by aliens and were being used as slave labor in a dilithium crystal mine on another planet then of course you do.  Lying sleaze bag Brian Williams made it the top headline news on NBCs nightly broadcast.  It was on every network all the time.  The media was obsessed with it.

So where is the outrage now that NBA super star Dwight Howard got caught putting Stick-um on basketballs?  (Stick-um is a substance that makes the balls sticky and this makes it harder for the opposing team to accurately shoot the ball) The silence is deafening.  All I hear is crickets.  Guess it just shows how biased the media is when it comes to certain things.

The video of this is hilarious...especially when the coach takes the bottle of the Stick-um and tries to hide it.