Modern Journalism Really Sucks...

Read this headline which is on this morning:


"Patriots fans blast Robert Kraft, Tom Brady over Donald Trump endorsement."

Ok.  Its pretty clear what this headline says.  It says that Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Quarter Back Tom Brady have endorsed Donald Trump and their fans aren't happy about it.

Now read the article.  What about this strikes you as being odd?

"New England Patriots fans have supported team owner Robert Kraft and quarterback Tom Brady through on-field controversies and off-field battles against the league, but it seems the support from the fanbase stops short of the political sphere. Both Kraft and Brady have ties to Republican candidate Donald Trump; Brady famously had a "Make America Great Again" hat in his locker one time during the 2015 season and referred to Trump as a friend. On the eve of Super Tuesday, Kraft spoke of his own friendship with Trump to the Boston Globe.

Although neither Brady nor Kraft officially endorsed Trump, their actions were met by a hefty dose of disapproval from a typically liberal-leaning Massachusetts fanbase."

WTF?  The headline seems to clearly say that Brady and Kraft endorsed Trump, but in the article it says "NEITHER BRADY NOR KRAFT OFFICALLY ENDORSED TRUMP."

So just what exactly is going on here?  Is it a delusion or just a plain lie?  Is the so-called journalist who wrote this garbage a Pats Hater?  Because it certainly is a pretty misleading headline.  Its right up there with how misleading the National Headlines were during Deflategate. To me its just more proof that most modern day journalism really, really sucks.  I suppose it serves me right for even visiting a trash site like but I was bored.  So todays Jack Ass is Arielle Aronson, the 'journalist' who wrote this.  I would suggest she try a different line of work.