I won't be upset when this guy gets what he deserves...

Seems that @##%%&&*! scumbag pedophile Jared Fogle got a little bit of a prison beat down.  He's the sleazebag former Subway Spokesman that's in jail for charges related to child pornography.

TMZ reported that Fogle suffered a bloody nose, swollen face and scratches on his neck after being beaten on Jan. 29 in a recreation yard by inmate Steven Nigg. The website said it got its information from "docs" but did not elaborate. Nigg, who is in custody on a weapons charge, got a small cut on his left hand in the fight and was put in solitary confinement as punishment, TMZ said.  The low-security Englewood prison located in Littleton, Colorado, has a population of 959 inmates, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons website.

Well I'm sorry but that's not good enough for me.  I wish he was beaten into an inch of his life if not further.  Why is he even in a low-security prison?  The place probably has a pool and a golf course.  Put him in a real prison so he can get what he deserves.