Barry Soetoro

There's certainly  a lot of competition (Hulkimania is running wild for instance...) but todays Jack Ass has to be President Obama.  And it isn't about politics or policies.  Its about pettiness.  I can't believe (actually...I totally can...) that Mr. Obama has made the calculated decision to not attend the funeral of Former First Lady Nancy Reagan.  To me this is a ridiculous and childish act.  It was bad enough that he didn't go to Supreme Court Justice Scalias funeral.  That in itself was embarrassing.  Maybe Mr. Obama didn't like his politics but out of respect for the institution of the Supreme Court of the United States he should have attended.  But come on...this is a First lady.  Apparently Barry has decided to use the funeral of Mrs. Reagan to make some kind of a political statement.  This should be an innocuous event but it has become a story.  This really is a classless act and Barry should be ashamed of himself and Americans should be ashamed of him.  For this he gets to be today's Jack Ass.