This guy should really be in prison...but instead he plays in the NFL...

Aqib Talib, the Denver Broncos star corner back should really be in prison...and my guess is that one day he will be.  But as for now he's an NFL superstar making millions of dollars.  I am not suggesting that he's the only player in the NFL that should be in prison...we know there are plenty more.  But right now he is the most obvious one.

Back in November when the Broncos played the Colts, the Broncos Von 'PED' Miller and they Colts Dwayne Allen were arguing about something when Talib ran up to Allen and stuck his finger in his eye.  Personally I was shocked when this happened.  I've seen a lot of bad things in football games, but this could possibly be the most dirty thing that I have ever witnessed.  Had he done this on Main Street, surely he would have been arrested and charged with assault.  Had he done this in the Hood, he would have been rightly accused of fighting like a girl and kicked out of whatever gang he was banging for.  It resulted in a one game suspension.  (and of course trying to blind someone isn't nearly as bad of a thing is letting air out of balls (allegedly) so it makes sense that TB12 got a FOUR game suspension for deflategate)


Last night in the Super Bowl, in front of an audience of 100 million people, Talib had three penalties in the first half - two of which were for unsportsmanlike conduct.  The first was for taunting...which is a total doosh bag move.  But the second one was worse...way worse.  He almost broke the neck of a Carolina player with a vicious face masking penalty.  He should have been thrown out of the game right then.  In basketball, if you get two technical fouls you get thrown out of the game.  I think it should be the same in the NFL...and if this was the case Thug-lib would have been thrown out early in the game...and he would go down in history, or sports history at any rate, as the guy who got kicked out of the Super Bowl.  Then he would be remembered for being who and what he truly is.