It's gonna be great when this Jack Ass gets what's coming to him...

Man...I really hate this kid.  How can you not?   He's the rich doosh that got drunk and killed four people in a DWI accident.  But somehow his lawyer got him off by arguing that because he is so rich and privileged and because he came from incredible affluence, that he was incapable of knowing the difference between right and wrong.  Having an easy life and not having to worry about money somehow made him incapable of reason, empathy, and conscience.

Now I don't think that his lawyer is some great legal mind that actually was able to make this argument.  No way.  Not by a long shot.  I think its pretty obvious that the only logical explanation is that paper bags of cash got exchanged, and that either the Judge or the Jury or both got paid off.  I really which someone in the media had the courage to ask about that but I'm not counting on it.

Anyway... he recently got caught on camera drinking at a party and seemingly having a great time.  Its pretty apparent to me that the fact that he killed four people isn't weighing on his conscience.  Consuming alcohol is a violation of his probation and that would lead to jail time, so he fled to Mexico and found a hiding place.  But his mommy went to visit him, and apparently they were so stupid that they didn't realize that credit cards are traceable.  They used one to order a pizza, and that allowed the cops to find and arrest them.

So now he's back in the US and we should all be glad because something is apparent.  He is such a doosh that if his fleeing this country doesn't get him into a real prison now, its inevitable that he will do something else stupid and criminal and eventually he WILL end up in prison.  I just hope nobody else had to die.  But I know that when he gets to a REAL prison, he wont be able to suckle at his mommy's tit anymore, and she wont be able to protect him, and he's going to meet guys who aren't exactly going to want to be his friend.  Then he's going to get what's coming to him.




And I can't wait, stupid rich spoiled bitchass...