On SupA Tuesday which SupA Genius should go away?


For a guy whose IQ is supposed to be like 600 Medical Doctor and Supa-Genius Proctologist Ben Carson sure is pretty freaking stupid.  Oh...sorry...did I say 'Proctologist?  Sorry for the mistake because according to all the reports I see in the news for some reason clearly Pediatric Brain Surgeons are way smarter than other Doctors...like say Proctologists.  And because Pediatric Brain Surgeon Ben Carson is a Pediatric Brain Surgeon that means he's way smarter than other doctors and everyone else.  Yeah...I know that he believes that the Pyramids were built to store grains despite the fact that archeologists know they were tombs because they FOUND FREAKING MUMMIES in them.  And I know that he passed his college chemistry test because GOD GAVE HIM THE ANSWERS in a dream.  So apparently he is tapped into some kind of cosmic dimension that we normal people cant understand.  But I would argue that Pediatric Brain Surgeon Doctor Ben Carson isn't a Supa-Genius at all.  In fact, I think he is a Supa-Idiot whose five minutes of fame ended a long time ago.

I don't even know which words can describe Pediatric Brian Surgeon Medical Doctor Ben Carson's performance at last Thursdays Republican debate.  Perplexing?  Strange?  Nauseating?  Bewildering?  Terrible?  WTF???  So what I think is that if Pediatric Brain Surgeon Doctor Ben Carson is even in fact a real Doctor (and I stress the word IF...I wouldn't let him operate on my kids...) and if he is so smart than he should realize that he will never be the President and that it is time for him to go back to fabricating stories about his 'rough' upbringing and selling that modern day snake oil that he made millions off of.  (Yeah...Google it...before he was a candidate for President he was selling vitamin supplements for a company called Mannatech ...and they miraculously cured his cancer!!!  Funny how he doesn't mention this astonishing fact anymore...)  So to answer my question I would say that SupA-Genius Wile Coyote is an American Classic and a Work of Art.  Pediatric Brian Surgeon Medical Doctor Ben Carson is a joke and a fraud.  I'd much rather see him go away.