Charlie Sheen says testosterone cream caused his bizarre behavior...

Now I know what you're saying.  It probably wasn't the testosterone cream.  It was probably the years of drug abuse and Seven Gram Rocks of Crack Cocaine.  Charlie Sheen has been getting mocked since making his seemingly outrageous statement, and maybe rightfully so because obviously anyone who hasn't lived on a remote desert island and who has Wi-Fi or internet or phones or telegraph lines or carrier pigeons knows that Charlie used to BANG SEVEN GRAM ROCKS OF CRACK and had TIGER BLOOD...and probably my favorite...he only had ONE GEAR!!! 

He can explain it much better than I can:



But upon further reflection, there is a great lesson to be learned here that can be applied to trading.  I know you are laughing and think I'm being sarcastic but I'm (somewhat) serious.  There is a lesson here in how to break away from the herd and use some contrarian thought.  Yeah...blah blah blah...Charlie sounds like a Crack Head idiot at first listen, but before your form an opinion you need to stop and take a deep breath and ask yourself ...

'Just what exactly is Charlie Sheen's definition of "testosterone cream?"'


EWW...OK...enough said.  Just Google Charlie's recent antics and 'new film career' and you will see what I mean...but think I need to end this cause now I'm feeling a little queasy.  But remember...the important thing is to train your mind to use contrarian thought and that Charlie Sheen is todays