Today's Jack Ass is New Yorks Commie Mayor, Bill De Blasio



For decades New York City has been a pretty safe place.  But did you know that since Comrade Big D became the mayor that the crime in the subways has gotten bad.  Really bad.  As a matter of fact, CRIME ON THE SUBWAYS OF NEW YORK CITY HAS GOTTEN SO OUT OF CONTROL THAT THE GAURDIAN ANGELS HAVE RETURNED!!!  Remember them?  The good street gang from the 1970s when New York City was a war zone?  Gangs ran most of the city then, and the police were either absent or crooked.  So the Guardian Angels were started by the good guys so that honest people could be protected.



So what happened, you ask?  Well...The Honorable Mayor Bill De Blasio and his Pinko polices have happened.  They have made police afraid to do their jobs, and the bad guys know they can get away with things so they are taking advantage of it.  I know a lot of police in NYC and not a single one of them thinks the Mayor would defend or protect them.  Under this fools policies police are presumed guilty.  Period.  Just like in Baltimore or Ferguson, Missouri.

So now due to a bunch of out of touch idealistic clueless Bolshevik wannabes, you have a city that is starting to look like Detroit or Flynt, Michigan.  (Which BTW are also run by out of touch idealistic clueless Bolshevik wannabes)  And guess when the last time crime in New York was so bad that the Guardian Angels felt compelled to take action and patrol the streets?  In the late 1980s.  And guess who was the Mayor then?  That's right - the Honorable out of touch idealistic clueless Bolshevik wannabe David Dinkins!

So for letting idealism, cluelessness, and failed polices take precedence over common sense and bringing what was the safest big city in America back into the 1970s, you COMRADE D are a