And today our Jack Ass is...?


Johnny Football...Dude...WTF???  You're an even bigger Jack Ass than all the losers in the in the political process that are running at less than 3%.  I was going to talk about them this morning...but man...Dude...WTF?  You won the Heisman Trophy.  You were a hero.  You got drafted by the Cleveland Brown in the first round.  You were living the life that 99.99% of boys who are football fans can only dream about living.  And since then what has happened?

  • On Tuesday the Browns ( a team who I like BTW...) issued a statement condemning Manziel's actions and pointing to his release in March, a move that has seemed inevitable for months.  His two years in the N.F.L. have included numerous incidents of questionable behavior captured on video.
  • In October Manziel was spotted fighting with a woman as they drove. She later told the police that he had hit her and pushed her head against the window while they were clocked at 92 mph. He admitted having drunk alcohol earlier in the day and then spent two months in a rehab facility for undisclosed yet obvious reasons last winter.
  • In the latest incident this past Saturday, police were called an apartment complex where a woman identified as Manziel's ex-girlfriend said she had been in a disturbance with Mr. Football, who was not at the scene because he had run away. The woman said she was concerned about Manziel's well-being so the police obviously felt the need to take action.

So…the police wound up using a helicopter before finding Manziel safe.  Read that again because it’s important…  Yes…THE POLICE USED A FREAKING HELIOCOPTER TO LOOK FOR THE GUY WHO WAS THE HESIMAN TROPHY WINNER JUST 3 YEAR AGO!!!




To be honest I kind of feel sorry for Johnny Football.  Obviously he is in over his head and can’t handle the pressure of being a celebrity, but he's become the biggest bust of an NFL QB since Jamarcus Russell and in his personal life, and even bigger embarrassment.  For that reason, Johnny Football has to be todays...