Todays Bad Ass is...


I hope you had a chance to watch the NBAs Slam Dunk contest last weekend.  If not you should definitely check out some of these highlights.  I was so impressed that instead of talking about a Jack Ass today - and boy there sure are plenty in the news to choose from - (Kanye and Kim getting divorced???  Good.  I hope its painful)  I am going to talk about Bad Asses instead.  And two of the Baddest Asses I have ever seen are the NBAs Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine...the two guys who were the finalists.  They really put on a show.  Just give you a little perspective on these guys...Aaron Gordon is 6'9" and has a 39 inch vertical jump while Zach Levine is 6'5'' and has a 46 inch vertical.  Yeah...40 freaking 6 inches.  Unreal. 

As a matter of fact, according to the Washington Post, SportScience host John Brenkus broke down Saturday’s slam dunk contest on ESPN, showing that when Gordon went under-both-legs over the Magic mascot, he reached a height of 7-foot-7 — which would have broken a three-way tie and captured bronze in the 2012 Summer Olympic high jump.  I'm telling was pretty phenomenal.  Even if you aren't a basketball fan, you will still probably be amazed.  Check out these highlights: