Know who I really hate?

Know who I hate?  I mean really just loath and despise?  Like...happy if something really bad happened to him kind of hate?  (...oh know that there are people that YOU feel the same way about...)


I really hate Kanye West.  What a stupid #@&$@ *&@@##!!!! *#@&&&$$$!!!  Seriously.  Just a dumb #@&$@ *&@@##!!!! *#@&&&$$!!!  This guy has an IQ that is probably around 85 on a good day...yet he is a self-proclaimed genius who compares himself to Jesus and Picasso.  ( and I wont even mention the fact that he is married to a woman who is famous for basically being a prostitute ) In reality he is so freaking stupid that I think my Golden Retriever Ginger could beat him at chess.



So it was with great joy and jubilation that I greeted this mornings news that he is $53 million dollars in debt.  Ha!  Now I know this is most likely a publicity stunt or because of the fact that he is so freaking stupid that there is something about it that he just can't grasp.  But if true this is just great, great news.  Why?  Because it shows that there is in fact some kind of Justice in the Universe.  Stupid-loser-trash-sleaze-scumbag-people like this tool and his wife shouldn't be allowed to be rich while nice-hard-working-decent-people have to struggle to get by.  Check this video out and you'll see what I mean.  Stanley Kubrick?!?  Picasso?!?  Apostle Paul?!?  Pablo Escobar?!?  WTF? a Jack Ass...  How do you even get these four different guys into the same paragraph?  And I can't even tell if his so-called musical performance is for real, or if its one of the comedic skits that Saturday Night Live is famous for??  Can you???



Now for todays Bonus Extra Credit Question, here is a Kayne West video.  Your job is to figure out if this is his actual real video, or is it a parody and it's someone making fun of him?  It starts with him hanging out with all the furniture covered with looks like he's having the house painted.  Then...all of a sudden...these weird freaky jungle people creatures start attacking.  ???   WTF???  It like the Wizard of Oz on the brown take your time and be careful when you decide...hilarious parody or just plain garbage?  Its not an easy question to answer...