My buddy Kanye is in the news again.

Kanye West ditched a concert packed with more than 13,000 fans in Sacramento, Calif., late Saturday after unleashing a lengthy tirade bashing Beyonce and Jay Z.  “Get ready to have a field day, press, because the show’s over,” the Yeezy star said, dropping the hot microphone at the Golden 1 Center. Irked fans who dropped as much as $250 on the “Saint Pablo Tour” filed out of venue chanting and cursing the rapper’s name, according to the Sacramento Bee. Among their grievances, fans waited more than an hour for the “Famous” hip-hop artist to go on stage. And when he did, he performed three songs — repeating one — and bolted after firing up an explicit rant challenging Queen Bey and the music industry.


I love watching Kayne West videos.  It's funny to try to figure out if they are actually supposed to be REAL music videos, or just HILLARIOUS PARIODIES...kinda like a disturbing rap version of Spinal Tap.  My favorite could be 'Love Lockdown'.   See if you can figure out what's going on here.  I certainly can't.  At first it seems that Kayne is moving...all the furniture is covered up with sheets.  But then all these crazy Jungle Lion People show up and start dancing around his living room.  It's like watching the Wizard of Oz while having a bad trip on the brown acid.