Todays Jack Ass Is...

Today we are going to talk about one of the biggest sleaze bags that walks the face of the earth.  His name is Roger Goodell.  I don't like Roger.  Never have...never will.  I don't like him...and neither should you.  Why you ask?

Is it because he paid his buddy fellow sleaze bag Ted Wells $5 million to go after and tarnish the reputation of GOAT Tom Brady when there was basically no evidence at all that he did anything wrong???  NO (well...maybe this has something to do with it...I am a native of New England and a life long Pats fan...)

Is it because there is no way he's gonna go after Mr. 'can do no wrong' Peyton 'HGH' Manning like he went after TB12???  NO  (don't even say Al Jazeera isn't a legitimate news FOX or NBC?  come on...)

Is it because that nowadays with all the hype and the stupid commercials and half time show etc... the Super Bowl basically sucks and is almost unwatchable???  NO

Is it because he was too much of a little bitch to show up in Foxboro for the season opener this year??? NO

Is it because he made phone calls to try to get some team to sign Michael Sam even though he clearly wasn't good enough to play in the NFL???  NO

Want to know why I don't like Roger today?  I'll tell you...its because of the STUPID FREAKING PRO BOWL!!!!

Are they serious with this?!?!?  Does ANYONE care???  I bet more people watch women's basketball than the Pro Bowl.  Its about as popular with football fans as Yoko Ono is with Beatles fans.  Obviously the players don't care...I guess its just a nice free trip to Hawaii for them.  But for the fans it's a totally meaningless waste of time.  The players don't even try...and I don't blame them-why risk a potentially career ending injury in a totally meaningless game?  So they really should cancel it or come up with something else.  I think they should have teams do tug of war or race an obstacle course maybe.  Even watching the players do Family Feud would be more interesting and entertaining than the stupid Pro Bowl.

My conclusion is therefore, that's it is more probable than not, that generally speaking Roger Goodell is todays