Todays Daily Jack Ass is...

Get used to seeing this guy here on my site, because he sure is a Jack Ass.

Its amazing that you can be worth $20 million, highly educated, governor of a state, and still be such a freaking L-O-S-E-R.

If you want a few laughs, do what I did and anonymously sign up some of your Democratic leaning friends to be volunteers for the JEB campaign. 

The emails they receive are hilarious.  One last November said if you donate just $1, they wouldn't ask for money again until next year.  Yes...that's ONE dollar.  ONE. 

Another suggested that you should vote for JEB.  Why?  Because he fell in love at first site with his wife.  Aww...that's just great JEB, but that hardly qualifies you to be Prez.

And WTF with his motto "Jeb can fix it"???  huh??  Is this guy running for POTUS or is he the local handyman??  I've seen that slogan painted on the back of vans.  "Hey dryer is broken.  Can you fix it?"  What next?  How about "you've tried the try to best"?

Yeah...we get it are a true, legit, super duper conservative.  We know that because whenever you talk, in the first minute you use that word about ten times.   But seriously...its time for you to go away and stop embarrassing yourself,