What is Bad AI?


You may not realize it by watching the Fake News Financial media but there is such a thing as Bad Artificial Intelligence.  Predictive models driven by AI can and do get things wrong

•If there are biases or problems with the data being used to build the predictive models, then the models will be flawed. 

•For example, if you are trying to make an inference about the general population, but the data only comes from social media users, then the predictions and results may be flawed because the entire population does not use social media.

•If the people who build the model make incorrect predictions about how it will be used, then the model will be flawed.  

•Over-fitting could also be a problem.  This occurs when an algorithm searches too far to find correlations and patterns in the data.  There is randomness in all data and if it is over analyzed there may be incorrect inferences.