Artificial Intelligence and Investment Management - Good Quotes

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data as applied to the Asset Manager Industry
 It isn’t some sort of magic pixie dust.  It’s just enhanced statistical techniques that allow you to build better predictive models.” 
Adam Duncan, managing director at Cambridge Associates
"The industry is on the cusp of a technological arms race where an intelligent program is poised to join your team as a machine co-pilot" 
Gary Brackenridge, global head of asset management at Linedata
"It's all about seeing how far we can push the machine in terms of taking some of the decisionmaking on the investment side. There are so many variables that people are looking at to be aggregated into the decision-making so the more you can use a machine, the better it is"
Man Group's Pierre Lagrange 
"Machines will be doing more of the grunt work of discovering opportunities,” “They can generate hypotheses, test them, and then tell humans, ‘This is interesting, go dig deeper.’ As machines add more value, it changes the nature of work humans do.”
Vasant Dhar, Founder SCT Capital Management.
"With AI, advisors will be able to focus on what really matters to clients. AI will change everything and advisors who embrace it will win. I would guess that many advisors are woefully out of date with its technology because they don't understand and are scared of it."
Larry Miles, a principal at AdvicePeriod
"its programming and mining tons of data to figure out what the best answer may be,"
Grant Easterbrook, co-founder of Dream Forward 401(k), 
AI is creating a lot of new opportunities. Just as about 100 years ago electrification changed every single major industry, I think we’re in the phase where AI will change pretty much every major industry. 
Andrew Ng, chief scientist at Chinese internet giant Baidu Inc.
"A couple of years ago when I was at a talk in Vancouver, I heard Jeremy Howard speak on the future of Artificial Intelligence and how computers were already on the cusp of surpassing human performance in many tasks. Shortly thereafter, I met a fund that was modelled after Graham and Dodd's value investing philosophy but was able to analyze every public filing, such as 10Qs and 10Ks since inception. This further confirmed my belief that this was the future of investing.”
Jeffrey Tarrant, CEO and Founder of MOV37 and CEO, CIO at Protégé Partners
 “AI will ultimately prove to be cheaper, more efficient, and potentially more impartial in its actions than human beings,” “It just means that their jobs will change to focus on things only humans can do"
Harvard Business Review  
“Some of this is tactical and operational in nature.  If you can save money, that’s great, and if you can execute trades, that is great too. All of those processes work to make the bank more efficient. It obviously saves money in a lot of different areas and serves the client quite profoundly in the near-term.”
Foster BNY Mellon