There are amazing things happening in the Legal Cannabis Equity Markets

I've have been a professional trader for 20 years, and I have to say that what is occurring in the legal cannabis and medicinal marijuana equity markets is like nothing that I have ever seen before.  For example, check out MJX...the ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF since March.  It has appreciated by about +27% since Christmas.  Even more remarkable is the fact that just six months ago in June, the average daily trading volume was 1,400 shares.  That's One thousand, four hundred.  There were literally days that not a single share traded.  And on my birthday (August 29th), literally just 1 share traded. 

Now here we are just four months later, and Incredibly, almost SIX MILLION shares traded today and almost FIVE MILLION shares traded yesterday!   My guess is that most of this is day traders trading back and forth, but it is still indicative that 'real' money is coming into this sector.

MJX US Equity (ETFMG Alternative 2018-01-03 20-12-58.jpg