I believe that KUSHB is showing some long term Bullish dynamics.  First, the average daily volume has increased dramatically over the past three months.  In January, there were some days that it traded over a million shares.  Second, well known institutional brokers have been trading the stock.  Virtu Financial advertised 80% of the traded volume in January, while Cantor Fitzgerald  advertised 10%.  Third, Cowen, a well respected sell side research firm covers it They have a $9.50 price target on it, and predict that it will begin to start earning a profit this year.  This is important because some institutional investors by mandate can't invest in equities that don't have sell-side coverage.  I think these three factors are indicative that large institutions are starting to acquire positions.

If it continues to sell off, there may be support around the $4.50 level because there was resistance there in October and November of 2016.