Artificial Intelligence

Arialytics is an artificial intelligence (AI) investment research firm based in Rye, NY.  We use AI, data and deep computation to construct portfolios, create overlays, and improve fund outcomes. Our quantitative overlays allows investment managers to enhance thier performance by optimizing the portfolio weightings of the securities their existing fund or funds. We also partner with managers to develop unique, new products and strategies that leverage AI powered prediction and large datasets.

Leading managers are leveraging AI to foresee trends and discover new sources of alpha. EurekaHedge, for example, recently found that AI-driven hedge funds have outperformed their peers. Firms like GS and Bridgewater are heavily investing in AI.

A confluence of factors are making this AI revolution possible:  

Artificial Intelligence - computer systems that extract knowledge and insights from data; these systems have the ability to continuously learn and adapt.

Big Data - a term for sets of data that are so large and diverse that traditional data processing cannot analyze them easily or well.

Processing and Storage Costs - Declining compute costs means it is now cost effective to conduct large-scale research on massive datasets that, until recently, was cost prohibitive to do so.

Arialytics develops quantitative overlays and novel trading strategies using a proprietary research platform comprised of four supporting sub-systems: artificial intelligence, quantitative finance, portfolio construction and predictive analysis.