Recently, I was able to make a profitable trade on the short side of Wheat. 

Now I am looking at Wheat for a low risk long trade.  Since early July when it traded around $540 it has trended lower and now is testing support around the $400 level.  This level was support at the end of April.  If the downtrend line breaks it could be the first sign that it is going to start trending higher. 

Remember, trend lines aren't magical or mysterious.  They are just graphical illustrations of who is in control of the markets...either the forces of supply or demand.  Since early July the forces of supply have overpowered the forces of demand and have driven the market lower.  If the trendline breaks, it could illustrate that the forces of demand are about to take control, or at least have become equalized with the forces of supply.

A way to play this in the equity markets is by using the WEAT etf.

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