Here is a look at five different stocks that I analyzed for a Registered Investment Advisor...

MB Financial, Inc. – MBFI recently found support around the $40 level.  This level was support in mid-April as well.  The precise low then was around $39.50.  There is support at this level because it was the top in late August and early September of last year.  The recent highs in May, June, and July were around the $45 level.  These levels will probably continue to be support and resistance in the near-term.  If you are Bullish on this stock, this is probably a good time to buy it.  Friday’s close was $40.86.  These are the same levels that MBFI found a top at back in 2004 and 2005.


Littelfuse Inc. – LFUS gapped up on July 18th after breaking resistance around the $171-172 level.  This level was resistance in early May and early June.  It became overbought, and has consolidated and started to trend lower since then.  It is possible that it refills the gap and quickly trades back down to the $171 – 172 level, which will probably become a support level if that happens.  If you are considering buying this stock, it probably makes sense to wait and see if that will happen.


Snap-on Inc. – SNA has rallied since it found support around the $147 level on July 24th and July 25th.  It isn’t surprising that there was support around this level because it also found support there last year in late June, September and October.  If it heads lower there will probably be support around these levels again.  This is an important level, and if it breaks there could be a meaningful move lower. 


PacWest Bancorp – PACW trended lower from early March through the middle of June.  Since that downtrend broke, the highs have been around $50 and the lows have been around $46.  These levels will probably continue to be resistance and support in the short-term.  Friday’s close was $47.76, which is right in the middle of the recent range. 


MSA Safety Incorporated – MSA has been trading in a tight range since late April.  Throughout June, there was clearly defined resistance around the $83.50 level.  Since April there has been support around the $78 level.  These levels will most likely continue to be resistance and support in the short-term.