OFC - Corporate Office Properties Trust

Bulls Head Trading Analysis identifies and analyzes important trends and supply and demand levels in the financial markets. In financial markets, there are certain price levels that are more important and significant than others with regards to the amounts of supply and demand that exists at these levels.  In addition, prices of securities are always trending.  They are always doing one of three things…either going up, going down or staying the same as time progresses.  BHT utilizes a common sense and simple methodology to identify these levels and trends.  An understanding of these levels and trends will add Alpha to almost any investment process.  


Corporate Office Properties Trust - OFC may have broken support around the $34.25 level.  There is support at this level because it was the top of the range in February, March, and April.  As expected, it was a support level earlier this month.  In the longer-term, if it heads lower there will probably be support around the $32.50 level because it was the bottom of the range in February, March, and April.  If it rallies, there will probably be resistance around the $36 levels because they were the recent highs from the middle of June through the end of June.