Great Myths

Myth One - Sasquatch / Big Foot - Hard to beat this one.  Pretty much every civilization that exists in woods or jungles have legends of ape men.  It's a very popular myth.  If you get a chance, check out Finding Bigfoot.  There is a good chance that it is the WORST REALITY TV SHOW EVER.  I know that is saying a lot and maybe it isn't the actual worst, but its up there!


Myth Two - UFO crash at Roswell.  You know the story...UFO crashed...the Army got the remains of the Dead they are in Hanger 51 at an Air Force Base in New Mexico etc...  My question to a UFO believer would be 'why do UFOs have windows?  What could you possible see out the window if you are flying faster than the speed of light?'



Myth Three - There is no inflation.  It seems like every time I put on the Financial News some Market Expert or Financial Guru is saying that there is no inflation.  Well. I don't know what these people are buying because it sure seems to me like the price of everything that I buy is going up.  You cant even get a sandwich at a Deli for less than $10 these days.  Meanwhile in the last 25 years the Consumer Price Index has climbed from 190 to 242.


There is a way to play this with ETFs.  A possible option is HAP...the VanEck Vectors Natural Resources ETF.  The investment objective seeks investment results that correspond to the price & yield of the Rogers Van Eck Natural Resources Index.  You can see here that it is correlated to the CRB Index so if inflation keeps rising that so will HAP.  If you think that long-term inflation will rise you may want to consider this ETF.