"This could get interesting..."

First of all let me say how Freaking Sick I am of ED commercials.  I just had to turn off CNN because its not even 8:00 in the morning, and I have to watch a middle aged couple make out in a pool and hear about how "four hour erections" could lead to "permanent medical damage".  WTF?  Doesn't anybody care about anything anymore?  These commercials are basically pornography and voyeurism.  Can't they have them on just at night?  Now its during football, during golf, on the history channel...it's sickening.   And guess what?  By watching these commercials it's pretty easy to conclude that Erectile Dysfunction is obviously caused by either owning a classic Ford Mustang or playing in a Rock Band.

Anyway today will be an important day in equities.  The S&P Futures are only down about -.30% but it is going to bring some important support levels into play.  The three main ones to focus on are 2,040 for the S&P 500, 4,700 for he NASDAQ, and 1,100 for the Russell 2000.