I dont want to sound like a Leftist but...

It's pretty amazing that Goldman Sachs just paid a $5,100,000,000. fine for illegal market practices.  Yes...that's FIVE BILLION.  And guess what?  Not a single person was held personally accountable. How could they pay such a large fine and have no personal responsibility? Meanwhile some kid could get caught with a bag of weed and get a criminal record while the Goldman executives continue to make millions.

And of course...the stock is acting very well.  I think it is coming out of a classic 'ascending triangle' pattern. Since January there were large sellers at $160 and they were content to stay there as time progressed, but the buyers were willing to pay higher prices and eventually overpowered the sellers.  This has bullish implications and I think it will head higher in the short-term. I don't see any resistance until the mid $175s. Last trade was $163,50.

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