Is the action in HRB telling us Donald Trump will be the next President?

Mondays Chart is a look at HRB…H&R Block.  Is the bad action in the stocks of Tax Service Providers telling us that Donald Trump is going to be our next President?  Remember that he wants to abolish the Internal Revenue Service and just have everyone pay a simple flat tax.  If that’s the case companies like H&R Block will cease to exist.  Anyway there may be a trade here.  HRB sold off on earnings on Friday the 4th, and then spent all week trading right around $28…pretty much exactly where it found a bottom when it sold off in October of 2014.  It will probably make a significant move off of this level very soon.  Considering how well the market has been acting my guess is that it will be to the upside, but an option straddle or spread would be a logical trading strategy here.