Oil,Natural Gas and Copper

At the end of October Oil failed at resistance around the $51 level.  This is the same level that it failed and rolled over at in October of 2015, and again in early June.  It is currently trading around $45 and may trade sideways in the near-term because the recently in seems to find support/resistance in five dollar increments.  It found support and rallied off of the $40 level in early August.

Natural Gas – Natural Gas gapped up about +10% after breaking resistance around the $3 level.  However, it has since reverted and the action has been volatile and erratic.  $3 is an important level because it was the top of the range from January through August of 2015 and then again in June and September of this year.  If $3 is eventually broken and Natural Gas holds above it, then it may be setting up for a big move upwards.

Copper – Copper is testing 52 week highs around the $230 level.  The last time it reached these levels in March and April and then again in June it failed and sold off.  If it breaks to the upside there may be a big move upwards because it is coming off of multi-year lows.

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